​​Daydream farm is located in wild and wonderful West Virginia just three miles outside of Ft. Ashby, off of Rt. 46. Owned and operated by Robert and Genevieve Mallow. Daydream Farm was established in 2013 with a mission to promote, educate, and provide a safe atmosphere to hold equine activities for the local community.

The historical stone house was built in 1784 by Milton Hollenback. The stones used in the building of the home were quarried on a spot above where the barn stands. The mortor, which holds the stones together was made of clay, mud and salt. The farm was originally on a 1,000 acre tract of land. The frame part of the house was added on in the 1970's and the 25 ft. hand-dug well is still in use. The Barn was built in the early 1800's by a Dutchman from Pennsylvania who did not use a single nail in its construction. The wood work throughout the barn is held together by motise and pins. The barn is still in use and is currently being renovated. It now includes six new stalls and a sixteen foot pavilion.

Daydream Farm is now the home of Daydream Farm Therapeutic Riding, a 501(c)(3) Non-profit. The mission of Daydream Farm Therapeutic Riding is to promote, educate and provide a safe atmosphere for equine assisted activities for children and adults with disabilities.